Central Australia – Visual Diary I

This is the first collection of images from my trip to Central Australia in November 2017. It is one of my most precious memories, an adventure I will cherish forever.

Uluru Field of Light

The awakening of the desert. The hundreds of coloured lightbulbs, one of the most special art pieces I ever got to witness, Uluru’s Field of Light was all kinds of mesmerising.

Uluru – Sunrise

When the sun finally crept up over the horizon everything started to glow. Just moments ago, the cold quiet of the desert had wrapped everything up in a tight embrace. But now the shy first rays of sunlight brought warmth and life. I had been tired that morning, my alarm went off very early and like most of the people on the tour with me I had stayed silent. Just witnessing. But when Uluru, that big red rock, started to become visible in the light I felt my muscles relaxing. My body became lighter. The mediocre tea they had offered us tasted less bitter. I remember just standing there feeling so much joy. This wave of gratitude for being lucky enough to be there experiencing our planet’s beauty.

Kata Tjuta – Sunrise

That morning was less serene. I was tucked in between so many other people who all came to see the same thing. I felt not nearly as liberated and joyful as on the first morning. But the night before I had slept in a swag (typical Australian outdoor sleeping bag) under the trillions of stars catching a glimpse of the infinite universe every time I rolled over. So I was content. The people and the noise couldn’t really bother me. After all I still felt so lucky to be able to even stand there holding my camera above my head. Australia’s Red Centre had been a dream for a long time and then and there I was living it.



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