Losing a Home


In the wake of this new moon another chapter is closing. Thank you Sliema, you’ve been the home we had always dreamed about; a house by the sea. Nowhere on this island did we feel this settled and nowhere on this island did we feel this sad.
I’m leaving you Malta with a heavy heart. For the past 6 years you’ve been a comforting constant in our lives, a safe haven to return to, a place where in each corner and street, there’s memories.

My life is a series of goodbyes, so frequent I should be used to them by now. But I’m still so bad at letting go and moving on. I’m aware of the privilege this lifestyle holds, not bound to a place or a job or a destiny. But it comes at a price and some days I wonder if it’s too high. I barely remember the last time I got bored living in the same house like I used to before the vagabonding began.

The last few weeks reminded me of what I truly need to feel happy in this world. I will not accept a future of finite summers, of never quite getting enough sun and swims and warm nights. The future is too uncertain to wait till “some day” to live the life you really want. No one knows what will happen when the climate crisis is not a distant threat anymore but our everyday reality.

So I’m making a promise not to compromise my happiness anymore and you shouldn’t either. Do more of that which brings you lasting joy, that which makes you beam and dance and fills you up to the brim because as cheesy at it sounds, we will only ever have the present moment and life, as I came to learn, well life can change in an instant.
– inħobbok malta –

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