Eco-Anxiety: A Visual Response

The following images were taken for a photography project at University in which I decided to conceptually visualise the feelings of fear, sadness, uncertainty and helplessness that I experience as a result of the climate and ecological crisis.

‘The planet is burning, literally and right in front of our eyes. Wildfires are ravaging incomprehensibly vast areas of Australian bush, killing billions of animals and displacing thousands of people. Extreme droughts in Somalia are leaving children malnourished and ill. The Sahara is expanding, stretching and reaching its dry arms for fresh, fertile lands and turning it into desert. Unforeseeable flooding in Indonesia and Bangladesh are robbing millions of their homes and livelihoods. Just recently, scientists discovered plastic in species at the bottom of the Marianna Trench, the deepest point in all of our seas. Populations are growing, cities expanding, our appetite seems insatiable. There is only so much this Earth will tolerate. Where will we get our oxygen from if all the trees of the Amazon are cut down? Where will the animals migrate to when their homes are destroyed? Will we take our kids angling for plastic instead of fish? Or will we even be able to have kids at all? After all, who wants to bring children into a worlds that is on the verge of collapse, like a tired old horse, rearing its achy back in the attempt to shake off the 7.8 billion humans that just cannot seem to get enough.’

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