Hong Kong – Visual Diary

In October, I spent a week in Hong Kong, taking full advantage of my brother staying there during his semester abroad. I had expected the city to be a mix of Singapore and Bangkok, the Chinese version of it of course. And that’s pretty much what it was. You have the modern skyscrapers, fast metros, tesla cars (this is quite unique though) and at the same time there are traditional houses, streets filled with market stalls and food wagons. Plus the temperature is much nicer than in either of the other Asian metropoles. One thing that surprised me was the natural landscape. I hadn’t known that Hong Kong is surrounded by so many hills and mountains.

Streets of Soho
This is how the locals live – part 1
This is how the locals live – part 2
Taoist temple in the heart of the city
Taoist temple in the heart of the city
the lucky dragon
seen on campus of the University of Hong Kong


past and future – view of Kowloon side
The Hong Kong skyline from Viktoria Peak
Nature and Art

Hong Kong appeared to me as a multilayered, intricate, fast paced yet culturally rich urban jungle and I can’t wait to return.

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