Summer Blues

Blue is the colour of trust, responsibility and loyalty. Found in the reflection of water, flowers and above all (literally) in the sky, blue is the most universally loved colour in the world. It is seen as the hue of honesty and truth, peace and calm. In many cultures blue is also the colour of religious worship, symbolising heaven, the realm of the gods and spirits.

When used in its plural from i.e. blues, the word is used to express a melancholic state of mind deriving from the African-American music genre “Blues” as these songs often described feelings of sadness or depression.

The following photos were taken on January 27th in Newport, NSW, more precisely while walking from Newport Beach to Bilgola.

“Summer Blues” tries to express my feeling of both summer-ly ease, lightness and endless appreciation for this beautiful spot on planet earth I am lucky enough to be spending some time at as well as the often not so talked about mixed emotions that come with traveling and being quite literally miles away from home.

I wouldn’t change my life if I could.

I accept feeling like these and above all I am forever grateful to be experiencing what I am right now, learning and growing.



Calm vs Ocean


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